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Women's water polo, day 6: United States and Spain advance to the final Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

In the semifinal of the water polo tournament of 17th FINA World Championships USA ladies beat the Olympic bronze medallist Russia after a slow start. Spain dominated against Canada and finally reached the last game of the tournament. 



W43 - 1st semifinal

Russia-United States 14-9 (4-5, 1-6, 2-2, 2-1)
Hajós Alfréd Complex, referees: Alexandrescu (ROU), Putnikovic (SRB)
Russia: Karnaukh - Prokofyeva 3, Gorbunova, Serzhantova, Simanovich 2, Tolkunova, Ryzhkova 1. Subs.: Vakhitova, Karimova, Borisova, Timofeeva, Ivanova 1. Head coach: Alexander Gaidukov
United States: Stone - Musselmann 4, Seidemann, Fattal 5, Steffens 3, K. Neushul 1, M. Fischer. Subs.: Hauschild, Raney, A. Fischer, J. Neushul, Williams 1. Head coach: Adam Krikorian

The World Champion United States came to the semifinals as the only unbeaten team in the tournament, where the Russian national team was the opponent who defeated two big squads, the Dutch and the Italians earlier.

It was a big accomplishment from the Olympic bronze medallist Russia, the question remained whether they were able to surprise the Americans, who seemed unbeatable.


Photo: Máté Balogh/Bp2017

At the beginning they succeeded, after Simanovich's goal and Prokofjeva's huge bomb (maybe the goal of the World Championship) Russia led 2-0. Not long after that, Musselmann and Rachel Fattal made it even, 2-2. Prokofjeva's repeated goal, then stroke a 5 meters from the Russians, 4-2.

There seemed to be a two-way advantage, but we could think of 4-4, but then Rachel Fattal's third goal gave USA the lead still in the first quarter.

Afterwards, the American advantage grew to two, then Simanovich scored a backhanded goal, keeping the match tight. The events took place extremely fast, the audience watching in the heavy rain did not even notice, but the United States had already increased the advantage 8 to 5.



Adam Krikorian’s team picked up the pace very well, they were at 10-5 in the middle of the second quarter. In the big break six goal was the difference between the two teams.

Ivanova broke a long Russian goal silence in the fourth minute of the third quarter, but it was only 12-6.

Later, the game did not change much, the Americans were quite confident as they advance the final of the 17th FINA World Championships women's water polo tournament.

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W44 - 2nd semifinal

Canada-Spain 10-12 (2-4, 2-3, 2-2, 4-3)
Hajós Alfréd Complex, referees: Georgio Stavridis (GRE), Alessandro Severo (ITA)
Canada: Gaudreault – Wright 1, Eggens 2, Bekhazi, McKelvey, Robinson, Fournier 3. Subs: Alogbo, Crevier, Christmas 3, Lenay-Lavoie, McKee 1, Hage. Head coach: Haris Pavladis
Spain: Ester Ramos – Espar Llaquet A. 1, Ortiz Munoz 3, Ortiz Reyes, Espar Llaquet C. 1, Pena Carrasco, Leiton Arrones 1. Subs: Bach Pascual 1, Lloret Gomez, Forca Ariza, Crespi Barriga, Gual Rovirosa 5, Domene Perez. Head coach: Miguel Oca Gaia.


It was a huge surprise that Canada advanced to the semifinals, although they were silver medalists in the World League behind USA, so they should be noticed and Spain – who beat Greece in the previous round by penalties after equalizing in the last seconds – should have taken them seriously.

And they did, they were able to score multiple times in the first quarter againts Canada’s extraordinary defense. In fact they scored four times while only conceding twice, so Spain had the lead after the first period. The Spaniards defensed well in the second quarter and their offense worked as well, Gual scored three times as Spain took a 7-4 lead to half time.


The pace of the game didn’t change in the third quarter, Spain controlled the match. Canada couldn’t come closer, although they literally needed only millimeters to come back up to a two goal deficit. In the final period, Spain was passive on offense trying to eat up as much time as possible. This lead to Canada decreasing their deficit to only one with a goal from Eggens. At the end, Spain was able to get away with the win, advancing to the final, where they will face the defending champion USA.


W39 – for 11th place

New Zealand – France 7-9 (1-0, 2-2, 1-5, 3-2)
Hajós Alfréd Swimming Complex, referees: Garibaldi (ARG) Kajiwara (JPN).
New Zealand: Milicich - Mason 2, Lopes da Silva 2, Stoneman, Bowry, Hudson 1, Pye 1. Subs: Lewis, Ferigo, Boyd, Doyle, Houghton1. Head coach: Angela Winstanley-Smith.
France: Counil – Millot 1, Bachelier 1, Guillet 2, Mahieu, Valverde 2, Daule 2. Subs: Ad.Sacre, Battu, Barbieux, Au Sacre 1. Head coach: Florian Bruzzo.


Photos: Máté Balogh/Bp2017

Two relatively disappointed teams, who have been defeated in the last games, met today to figh for the 11th place. They were only 'relatively' disappointed because it has been a success for both teams that they could manage to be among the 12 best teams and could play against the best ones of the world. It has been 19 years for the team of New Zealand and more than 20 years for the French team since they achieved such a good placement at the World Championships.

At today's game, the New Zealand team started off better and were in the lead thanks to Lopes de Silva. In the first quarter there were not much scores, the teams payed more attention to their defense. In the second quarter, the team of New Zealand was also quick to score, but the French equalized within a few minutes. However, at the end of the second quarter, Counil, the excelent French goal keeper, seemed to drift a little bit off, which was used by Kelly Marson well, and at the end of the quarter the New Zealand team was in the lead again.


After the break however, there was a huge turn of events and the French team has taken the lead. The pool became a real battle field at the end of the last quarter, but the French team kept their advantage, winning the 11th placement.

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W 40
For the 9th place

Netherlands-China 14-7 (2-2, 5-2, 2-1, 5-2)

Hajós Alfréd Swimming Complex, referees: Florestano (BRA), Willis (RSA). 
Netherlands: Aarts – Smit, D. Genee, A. Geene, Stomphorst 3, Sevenich 1, Megens 3. Subs: Van der Sloot, Nijhuis 4, Koolhaas, Klaassen 2, Joustra 1. Head coach: Arno Havenga.
China: Peng – Bi 1, Niu 2, Guo, Zhang C. 2, Zhao 2, Chen. Subs: Nong, Mei, Xiong, Zhang D., Zhang J., Shen. Head coach: Gong Dali. 


China scored the first goal and the Dutch offense was successful only after more than five minutes. The European team equalised again at the very end of the first quarter by the second goal of Lieke Klaassen. Nijhuis’ goal meant the lead for the Dutch ladies for the first time during the match (4-3), and the vice European champion built a three-goal advantege. The Chinese team ’woke up’ and tried to get closer to its opponent for the second break, but after missing a clear goal-opportunity, the Netherlands could shoot a penalty, Megens was successful, holding the comfortable lead for her team (7-4). 


The Dutch team played the better water polo on this placement match, and the difference could be even bigger after the third period. Marloes Nijhuis scored twice in the final quarter, which decided the game and the Netherlands took the 9th position in tournament with a well-deserved victory. 

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Fort he 5-8th place

Italy-Australia 18-17 (5-3, 2-3, 1-3, 3-2, 7-6) – on penalties

Hajós Alfréd Swimming Complex, referees: Naumov (RUS), Rotsart (USA). Italy: Gorlero – Garibotti 2, Queirolo, Radicchi 2, Aiello 2, Bianconi 5, Emmolo. Subs: Palmieri, Cotti, Dario, Lavi, Tabani, Picozzi. Head coach: Fabio Conti.
Australia: Yanitsas – Gofers, Buckling 2, Halligan 1, Bishop 2, Ridge, Webster 4. Subs: Zimmerman, Arancini, Mihailovic, Baxter, Steere, Hedges. Head coach: Athanaios Kechagias


The match began with fast goals on both sides, then Bianconi scored her second from penalty. Australia seemed weak in defense, Italy scored five times within the first 300 seconds, Bianconi was the queen of Italians with four goals. Girls ’down under’ made the match more exciting, and the difference was only one goal after the second period (7-6). 
Italy had a ’long sleep’, Australia took the lead with the goal of team captain Webster in the third minute of the third quarter. Italy equalised at the beginning of the final period, and the teams had a big fight to collect the victory. The first ace was Hannah Buckling from the Aussies, then Italy missed a man-up situation, but then scored from another extraman-shot by Roberta Bianconi (10-10). The European team took the lead again from penalty 100 seconds before the end of regular playing time. Australia missed a 2-meter shot in the last minute, but equalised from man-up by Halligan 4 seconds before the end (11-11), and the match went on penalty shoot-out.    

Bianconi scored, Webster missed in the first round. Garibotti made it 2-0, and Bishop scored first for Australia in the shoot-out. Emmolo hit the bar, then Arancini equalised (2-2). Queirolo’s shot was saved by Yanitsas, Halligan scored, Australia led, but Picozzi made it 3-3. Buckling could decidet he match but Lavi saved for her team. Player of the match, Bianconi scored, just like Webster (4-4), the drama continued. Garibotti scored in the seventh round, Bishop was calm enough again. Emmolo made it 6-5, Arancini equalised. Queirolo took the lead again for Italy, then Halligan was unable to even shoot, which meant an Italian victory. The European team can play for the 5th place on Friday, with the winner of the match between Hungary and Greece.  


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For the 5-8th place

Hungary-Greece 10-9 (2-4, 1-2, 5-0, 2-3)
Hajós Alfréd Swimming Complex, referees: Franulovic (CRO), Mercier (FRA)
Hungary: Kasó – Czigány, Szücs 1, Keszthelyi 3, Bujka 2, Csabai, Szilágyi 2. Subs.: Gangl (kapus), Antal, Gurisatti 1, Takács 2, Illés, Tóth I. Head coach: Bíró Attila
Greece: Diamantopoulou – Tsoukala 3, Diamantopoulou, Avramidou 1, Asimaki 1, Manloioudaki 1, E. Plevritou 1. Subs.: Eleftheriadou, M. Plevritou, Chydirioti, Kotsia. Xenaki 1. Head coach: Georgios Morfesis



The loss againts Canada was a huge disappointment for the host team and Hungary started this placement game really slowly as the score at half time was 3-6 for Greece. Attila Bíró, the head coach for Hungary made a key change before the end of first half as Gangl took the place of Kasó as the goalkeeper. This decision turned out to be crucial.

Hungary stepped up their game on defense and scored some nice goals as well, they won the third quarter 5-0 and turned this game upside down. Hungary lead by three at one point in the beginning of the fourth quarter and their lead was enough until the end and won 10-9 in a really exciting game. On Friday, they will play against Italy for fifth place.

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